What Is A Monitored Security Alarm?

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The concept of a monitored alarm system for commercial premises may pose questions to many; however, the idea is that when an alarm is triggered, there is an immediate notification that will notify a monitoring centre. In short; this means that someone is watching over your premises even when you’re not there!


In 1994, Alert Fire and Security was formed and built on our ability to evolve, innovate and grow. To this day, we protect a vast assortment of commercial properties across the North-West, and we always consult with our customers to ensure that their system is designed to their exact requirements whilst complying with British Standards.


One question that we get asked many times; “is security monitoring worth it for my premises?” The answer is both yes and no shouldn’t this just be yes?! Any alarm is better than having no alarm and burglars will target those commercial premises that show the least resistance to protection security. We always recommend that on any commercial property, an intruder alarm is a standard for security. It’s crucial to ensure that you have the right method in place necessary processes to monitor this actively. Ask yourself the question; what would you do if your burglar alarm was activated, would you know?


Over the years, our experience and our passion for protecting more commercial properties have shown that a monitored security solution will provide you with significant peace of mind and ensure you comply with your insurance obligations.


Here are three reasons why your commercial property needs a monitored intruder alarm system when it comes to commercial security.

Alarms are often ignored!


It may come as a surprise, but with a traditional bells only alarm, the vast majority of alarm activations are ignored and often go unreported, resulting in significant disruption for commercial premises. With a monitored alarm solution in place, this will automatically send a signal to a dedicated centre where you will be contacted and notified of the alarm activation.

Maintenance & Monitoring


Maintaining your security system may be the last thing on your mind and can leave you extremely vulnerable and more susceptible to burglaries. Our remote monitoring capabilities ensure that we actively monitor your security system’s performance and alert you to any potential issues before it becomes a problem.

Staying Alert

Our Intruder Alarm Monitoring and Maintenance Enhance package protects your commercial property from risks of burglaries.


Here’s what’s included in our enhanced package:


We proactively work with you to ensure that your business remains safe and protected.

  • Annual Service Visits

  • 4 Hour Engineer Response Time (24/7)

  • 24/7 technical Support 365 days a year

  • Immediate Alarm Activation Notification

  • Simple and Free Remote Reset

  • Free Online Account

We proactively work with you to ensure that your business remains safe and protected.

As a commercial property owner, it’s crucial to ensure that your security system is fully maintained and monitored. By maintaining and monitoring your commercial security system, your security will remain fit for purpose and continue to operate in the way it was designed to when it is needed.


If you would like to discuss your commercial security system
requirements, contact us today and let us talk you through the best ways to protect your business.

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