What are Video Analytics?

Video Analytics : CCTV now improves H&S Culture, Sales and Customer Service

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Video Analytics : Add value to your existing CCTV and improve Sales, H&S Culture and Customer Service


Awareness and better understanding of Video Analytics has resulted in a 45% growth in CCTV installation here at Alert Fire & Security. Why is that you may ask?

Primarily it is due to software developments provided by Video Analytics tools.

Video Analytics enables automated monitoring and alert triggers based on a rules set by you which enables better understanding in all areas of your business.

In this article we are going to focus on improving Sales, how to reduce Health and Safety incidents or claims through prevention, and improving Customer Service workflows and processes.

You’ve read that right, CCTV is no longer just a security tool!

Technology moves at pace in the security industry as fast as anywhere else. It has to in order to combat both opportunist and sophisticated attacks. Technology also enables businesses to be more aware, reducing vulnerabilities in both our own and employees habits or processes that leave doors open to attack.

Gone are the days when a CCTV system would be used after the crime to view images or footage. Also eradicated, are the issues of animals and foliage causing false alarms. Additionally, the need for camera isolations are now a thing of the past.

Video Analytics is now being adopted by business owners that want prevent incidents, rather than reacting to expensive claims after the event and to a better understand activities and opportunities.


Retro fitting to old CCTV Camera’s.

Video Analytics is a new and sophisticated tool that is being installed with new CCTV systems, but can also be retrofitted to almost any existing CCTV system, irrelevant of age or picture quality.

Video Analytics uses algorithms to trigger alerts to situations you ask to be notified about. Alerts can trigger a siren, voice announcement, email or a phone call to specific people. That means there is no longer a need for constant human monitoring in front of multiple TV screens, looking for events or actions to take place. Video Analytics does the monitoring for for you.


So what can Video Analytics detect? Here are a few examples. 

  • The Subject – Distinguishes between vehicles, humans, animals/bugs and foliage.
  • The Area – Create zones and lines in which an alert is triggered if these are crossed measured by event, time or numbers.
  • The Motion – Identify how an object acts in an area such as loitering time and movement
  • The Person – Facial recognition matches faces against pre determined subjects


Sales, Health and Safety and Customer Service application

Let’s look at how we can apply Video Analytics in a range of departments or situations in order to improve performance, safety, knowledge security and evidence.

Sales: Within a retail environment, monitor the footfall and flow of traffic at counters, specific aisles or products at specific times of the day.
Set a coded voice instruction to sound over the tannoy, alerting staff to a particular area where a customer may be loitering or showing signs of interest e.g. car forecourt or high value items in a store.

Health and Safety: The blame and claim culture costs industry £millions and insurance companies are obviously scrutinising claims to the nth degree, not least increasing premiums.

Using sophisticated algorithms Video Analytics supports health and safety by monitoring activity and creating specific boundaries that alert when lines are crossed, zones are entered, or specific activity takes place. For example, create an alert if fire exists are left open or blocked by items. Protect Fire Extinguishers from being tampered by creating an alert if they are touched or removed within an area.

Warehouse and manufacturing environments are particularly susceptible to health and safety breaches. Set alerts to trigger if a vehicle such as a fork lift truck or heavy goods is travelling the wrong way near public walk ways.

Customer Service and Security: Monitor footfall in specific areas to ensure they are suitably resourced to cope with customer activity.

Do you suspect your business suffers from fraudulent refunds? Create an invisible zone that requires an area to be crossed by movement when the refund button is pressed on the till, therefore ensuring the is a customer and employee present.


So how can Video Analytics support your business, add greater value to and maximise the impact of your existing CCTV system?

To find out more about Alert Fire and Security and how to make your business secure and safe contact us on 0330 056 3551

Resources, Links and Attribution

Alert Fire and Security Managing Director Trevor Shanley wrote this article for his regular column in the Lancashire business publication LBV (Lancashire Business View) magazine.

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