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With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and likely long lasting restrictions and impacts, business and organisations are increasingly looking to fi nd ways to become operational. Providing staff and visitor screening and social distancing measures for the safety of customers and employees is becoming the new expectation.

Providing the most effective and accurate readings

Accurate and effective systems are absolutely essential in ensuring businesses and venues are safe and able to trade responsibly. At Alert our ethos is to provide the most up to date, innovative and industry leading solutions so our customers’ businesses ourish. Our VirusSafe solutions continue in this mission.

Fixed Mount or Portable
  • Checks the temperature at the Inner Eye – the eye canthus temperature (tear duct area) is the correct area for temperature measurement using thermal technology not the forehead.
  • Accuracy of temperature +/- 0.25 OC – ensuring accurate temperature readings
  • Leader in thermal Elevated Screening Temperature (EST) solutions having been established since 1968
  • Used as the first indication of fever – gives an audible and/or visual alarm
  • Successfully used in previous serious virus related situations such as SARS, HN1N and Ebola
  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Certified to standard ISO/TR 13154:2017 for the deployment, implementation and operation of a screening thermograph for febrile temperature screening to prevent the spread of infection.
Fixed mount
  • On board screening via any PC monitor
  • Automatic alarming (audible and visual)
  • Web browser enabled device for control/viewing
Portable Handheld
  • Fast deployment
  • Screening on board
  • Automatic alarming (audible and visual)
Anti-Viral Hand Sanitiser Entry System
People from all walks of life are increasingly aware of how easily and quickly viral infections can spread. They can affect everything from product contamination to the wellbeing of employees.So just imagine a workplace or gathering place that only lets people enter if their hands are quickly and thoroughly cleansed with a powerful sanitiser. This would instantly cut the risk of cross-contamination, potentially reducing absenteeism.This would instantly cut the risk of cross-contamination, potentially reducing absenteeism. After the user has cleansed their hands, an electrical signal triggers a door catch, turnstile or even an alarm. It’s effective and economical (no cleansing – no entry, controlled doses), efficient and safe (processes up to 30 people a minute and operates on low voltage). It is manufactured to exceptional standards, but is surprisingly affordable for a solution that can save sick days, give customers and staff added confidence and protect your employees. This solution can also be used as a standalone hygiene station.
Touch Free Exit Buttons
The safer way to exit
Our Touch Free Exit buttons ensure there is no risk of cross contamination and is a simple and effective way to protect your staff and customers alike. As there is no need to touch the exit button which has a small contact area, it is the safer way to exit. The Touch Free Exit Buttons are easy to install and can be retrofitted to the vast majority of Access Control systems.
Test, control and work
As part of our total Covid-19 solutions we are able to offer a leading, trusted and fully NHS Accredited General Hospital Covid-19 test.
If staff, visitors or indeed customers have an elevated temperature when entering your premises and feel unwell they will be offered a SWAB test and advised to go home, self isolate and maintain social distancing. The process of constantly checking means that anyone who has had the virus and who returns to work or seeks access to your premises can be checked and if necessary re-tested.
Any individual who develops symptoms whilst at work can also be tested and sent home to follow the same Public Health England guidelines. At Alert we are totally committed to helping and supporting our customers and provide a safe, stable and positive social and economic future.

Voice Announcement Solution

With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and likely long lasting restrictions and impacts, businesses and organisations are increasingly looking to find ways to become operational whilst remaining safe. Upon entering the premises, our Voice Announcement system will play a message, personalised to your business name, which greets the member of staff or visitor and advises them to sanitise their hands on entering the building and maintain social distancing at all times.

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