Vandalism down as surveillance is increased

Vandalism down as surveillance is increased at a Pendle primary school

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Evening and weekend problems at Pendle Primary Academy, Brierfield, which not only affected the school but also the entire surrounding community, have shown a dramatic downturn since the management opted to invest in a state-of-the-art security surveillance system

“The improvement has been nothing short of remarkable,” said Adam Whalley, site manager at Pendle Primary Academy. “We were suffering from intruders and acts of vandalism on a daily basis, smashed windows, damage to property, destruction and graffiti; not to mention verbal abuse directed at pupils and teachers.”

Pendle Primary Academy (previously Walter Street Primary School), installed the new system after discussions with Trevor Shanley, managing director here at Alert. It has solved the bulk of the problems and also earned praise from local police officers.

“Incidents of vandalism dropped away almost immediately,” added Adam. “Intruder and troublemakers have been identified through the sheer quality of the camera prints and the school no longer seems to be a target, which is huge relief.”

Trevor said: “We worked closely with the school and local police to put together a surveillance system that includes the very latest HD CCTV, offering 360% remote viewing and a multitude of extra facilities. “The system is capable of much more which will be helpful going forward, but it is good to know that the school is already a much safer place for all concerned.”

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