With the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing restrictions which look to be here to stay, businesses are increasingly looking at ways to become operational whilst remaining safe.

At Alert we are totally committed to helping and supporting our customers and providing a safe, stable and positive economic future which is the driving force behind us developing VirusSafe – a range of solutions using cutting edge technology and backed up by our exceptional levels of service.

The way that businesses will operate in the future may be slightly different with the threat of another pandemic at the back of everyones mind.

Our VirusSafe solutions are there to give peace of mind to people who have or are due to return back into the workplace

Touch Free Exit Buttons – reduces surface contact on the normal green push to exit buttons

Wireless Automatic Door Release Units – so doors can be left open to allow for air circulation but automatically closes on a fire alarm activation to prevent the spread of fire, ensuring fire compliance.

Elevated Screening Temperature – European certified to international standard and tests the temperature at the inner eye, not the forehead!

Hand Sanitising Entry System – ensuring people entering your building have sanitised their hands

Voice Announcement System – announce to staff and visitors and remind them of your Covid-19 procedure when entering the building

Covid-19 Swab Kits – with a 24hr turnaround

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