Lone Work Protection solutions – APP and Cloud based options to ensure the safety and ‘Duty of Care’ to staff members who work alone

Wearable & Satellite devices gives accurate tracking and movement information

This product is the most intuitive and user friendly lone worker solution available today.
The flexibility of the app and wide range of features makes it suitable for companies of any size, industry and location.

If you are responsible for employees who work alone, you have a legal duty of care to respond appropriately should an accident or incident occur and to also provide an appropriate level of risk management and protection.


Do you have a procedure and solution in place?

The main features
Some of the other benefits and features
  • Timed Sessions
    Trigger location monitoring by
    starting a timed-session.
  • Session Check-in
    Check-in at set intervals to
    confirm safety
  • Panic
    Send a panic at any time when
    in need of assistance.Automated Entry & Exit Systems
  • Text & Email Notifications
    Receive alert notifications via
    text and email.
  • Discreet Panic
    Panic out of view using the
    phone’s power button.
  • Duress PIN
    Enter a false pin to ‘end’ a
    session/alert when confronted.
  • Low Signal Mode
    The app will continue to operate
    without mobile data.
  • SMS Broadcast
    Communicate with an entire
    team from within the Hub.
  • Low Battery Warning
    Remind an employee to charge
    their device.
  • Keep an Audit Trail
    Add notes on actions taken to
    resolve an alert.
  • Set Response Procedures
    Save business guidelines in the
    Hub for monitors to refer to.
  • Reporting
    Run and schedule session and
    alert reports.

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