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Video Analytics : CCTV now improves H&S Culture, Sales and Customer Service

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Home Security and Life Protection Apps

We are delighted to bring together a complete Home Security and Life Protection system for our residential customers.

Home Security continues to evolve and brings us amazing technology allowing us to monitor and protect our properties.

But at Alert Fire and Security, we want to make sure not only is your property safe, but that your health is protected too. That means the ultimate home security system must be able to monitor and detect danger from carbon monoxide, heat and smoke as well as intruders, vandalism and theft as we sleep; Home Security and Life Protection.

Our Complete Home Security and Life Protection system not only does that, it’s also accessible from your Smart Phone via our apps too.


Set, Unset and receive Alerts on your phone and tablet app

Life can be hectic and a bit of a rush, so we understand when we hear people forget to set their intruder alarms. We also appreciate you can have many family members coming in and out of your house through the day and night and some excitable pets running around.

So at Alert, we believe simplicity, accessibility and peace of mind is key. That is why we’ve been working hard to deliver the ultimate security and protection system, all controlled from your phone and tablet app.

With our Home Security and Life Protection apps, you can now set your house alarm where ever you are, direct from your phone. On the bus, at work, in the gym or even on holiday, you can set and unset your home alarm whenever and wherever you want.


Push Notifications so you know immediately what is happening

How many of your neighbours pay attention to your outside bell box alarm sounding or flashing?

You no longer need to worry about relying on others to take action, because your phone can tell you immediately, wherever you are. You can choose to get push notifications to your phone or emails when the alarm is activated, de-activated, set or un-set so you always know the status of your security system. Your alarm sensor (PIR) can even take a photograph and send you a picture of the reason the alarm as activated.

Get the notification, then simply view your LIVE CCTV to see what is happening and what action you need to take.


CCTV saved to the Cloud to prevent footage theft

CCTV AppLIVE CCTV viewing gives you complete peace of mind, so we’ve built this into our App too. That means you can now see what’s happening inside and outside of your house, without leaving your bed or sun lounger.

Not only that, you can also review your CCTV footage with ‘Quick Search’ facility and find any events you need to look for in the past 30 days.

But what good is CCTV footage if an intruder steals or damages the recorder?

Our complete security package alleviates that threat, by automatically recording all footage and storing it in the ‘Cloud’. That means the intruder cannot access the footage, so you still have it to supply to the Police if needed.

As a family business for over 25 years, Alert Fire and Security know the importance of protecting your property, family and possessions. That’s why we’ve continually achieved NSI Gold and BAFE status, the highest recognised industry standards as demanded by the police, fire services and insurance industry.

It is for this reason that the Police, Fire Service and Insurers trust companies like Alert Fire and Security to meet exact standards set by NSI, the National Security Inspectorate.

If you would like to find out more about our Home Security and Life Protection system, simply call us on 01282 424757 and quote The Property Scene or visit our website www.alertfireandsecurity.co.uk

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