Crystal Clear HD CCTV systems are becoming a standard part of Security Systems.

Picture quality from HD CCTV cameras deliver amazing crystal clear live and still images and are even good enough to be used in court to prosecute offenders.


Add to this the externally monitored function means that your premises and perimeters are protected whilst you sleep peacefully.

For your confidence and protection, Alert Fire and Security have achieved NSI Gold, the greatest perceived value, quality accreditation in the industry as recognised by the police, fire and rescue services and insurers.


The NSI Gold accreditation test, audits and recognises our management certifications, to internationally recognised standards, designed to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders.


Make sure your Security provider has the NSI Gold stamp approval.

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HD CCTV Secure Technology

Search through recorded video, take image snapshots and view and record live footage through the dedicated iOS and Android/GooglePlay app for tablets and smartphones.

The revolutionary Smart Storage Compression (SSC) technology guarantees 30 days out-of-the-box continuous 1080p recording on a 15TB 16 Channel system.

Using our secure European-based server, ensures the data from any of our CP range recorders is always kept in safe hands.

Add to this the externally monitored function means that your premises and perimeters are protected whilst you sleep peacefully.

Benefits of HD CCTV 

  • High Definition images
  • Multiple screen viewing
  • Multiple cameras in one unit*
  • Accessible on PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Smart and stylish looking technology
  • 30 days continuous 1080p recording*
  • Easy to use and customiseable GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Day/Night and infrared options* Model Dependent
  • Visible screens & cameras act as deterrent to crime
  • Improved security and confidence for your staff
  • Monitor activities causing alarm activation or concern
  • Use extensive software to measure visitor footfall and floor-space usage
  • Review footage from any location worldwide
  • Use imagery as video or still photo capture

HD CCTV Installation


Our surveyor will carry out a professional site survey and will discuss the areas of the premises that need protection. There maybe further enhancements available as an extra solution such as ANPR, Facial Recognition, Analytics. A full onsite demo of the equipment can be done so the actual images the system will give can been seen.


The installation will be via a separate network which our engineers will setup on your behalf. All cameras will be installed as per the initial site survey along with our completed specification document.


When the system is commissioned, full training will be given on how to use the software. This will include how to playback/remove footage from the Network Video Recorder (NVR) along with how to setup bespoke views for different users.


If the images need to be visible on employees smartphone/tablet, our engineer will connect into the onsite broadband via a static IP address and full training of the app will be given.


HD CCTV Monitoring


Alert provide the option for their newly installed (and in some cases systems which have been taken over) CCTV systems to be off-site monitored through to the Video Receiving Centre (VRC).


Off-site monitoring provides a pro-active approach in the reduction of crime by informing intruders (via external horns) they are being monitored upon entering a protected area. This system works either via analytics within the camera head or external detection which alerts the monitoring station via a broadband connection.


Upon intruders being detected, the Video Receiving Centre can view live footage from the clients premises and take appropriate action (ie call keyholders or the local police authority) whilst continuing to monitor site and informing the intruders they have escalated the incident.

HD CCTV Maintenance

  • Check the number and type of cameras, including lenses, are in accordance with the
  • Check the picture quality of each camera and correct monitor selection.
  • All camera housings and lenses are cleaned where necessary.
  • Check all automatic and remote control camera functions are satisfactory and that camera
    movement and fields of view are free from obstruction.
  • Check indicator lamps are working correctly
  • Check warning labels are still in place.
  • Check all cables and conduit are properly supported, undamaged and showing no signs of
  • Check all glands and seals on external equipment.
  • Operation of all monitoring, switching, multiplexing and recording equipment is satisfactory.
  • Function of all interfaces with alarms is satisfactory including correct triggering of alarms.
  • Operation of supplementary lighting is satisfactory.
  • Check that the performance continues to meet the agreed specification /
    operational requirement according to the periodic test scheme agreed with the customer.
  • Growth or shrubbery is clear of camera views and sensors.
  • Check for sound physical fixings of all equipment including loosening or corrosion of
    supports and fixings including towers and brackets.
  • All connections checked and labelled.
  • All camera presets are checked.
  • All alarm presets are checked.
  • Customer’s system log book filled in.

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