Fire Extinguishers & Signage

Fire Extinguishers should be fully-functioning and be able to protect your premises and your people from the dangers of fire

Fire Extinguishers should also comply with ‘The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Act 2005’ by having the correct type and quantity of extinguishers available and ensuring that they are regularly maintained.

Here at Alert Fire & Security, we can:-

  • Supply new fire extinguishers

    We will supply new fire extinguishers, conforming to the latest British Standards.

  • Commission new and existing extinguishers

    We will commission all new existing extinguishers for insurance compliance.

  • Maintain fire extinguishers annually

    We will maintain all fire extinguishers in line with our high standards.

Ensuring Fire Extinguishers are serviced correctly just makes sense – why risk trying to fight a fire with an extinguisher that has lost its pressure or is empty?


Make sure that you have the correct number and type of extinguishers located throughout your building.


There are many factors to consider when choosing which fire extinguishers you require.

There include the use and main activities of the building, floor space and fire exit placements. Your Fire Risk Assessment will also highlight other factors that are specific to your situation.


Our fire extinguishers can help your staff fight a small fire (obviously they would need to be trained), therefore preventing a full evacuation of the building and the risk of the fire spreading.


A small fire can easily and safely be extinguished, so ensure that the correct type and quantity are readily available around your property.


Contact us about of Fire Marshal Training courses to ensure your staff are confident in using the equipment.

All fire extinguishers from Alert Fire and Security are stamped with CE Mark, installed to BS 5306-8: 2003 and commissioned and maintained to BS 5306-3: 2009


With an Alert Fire & Security Maintenance Package, you can quickly call out an Engineer if an extinguisher becomes damaged, used, or the pressure drops meaning that the number of fire fighting units is not compromised.


IMPORTANT: If ordering fire extinguishers online, they must be officially commissioned in situ before they can be used by anyone.


By commissioning a fire extinguisher there many elements to consider including CE Marks, pressure gauges, weights, tamper seals, nozzle attachments, damage free and suitable storage and placement options, installed to BS 5306-8: 2003 standard.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Act 2005 states a fire extinguisher should be commissioned by a ‘competent person’.


Are you comfortable taking on that responsibility or forcing it on an employee?


Order your Fire Extinguishers from us and we’ll help you understand which type of extinguishers and quantity you need.

All you need to know about Fire Extinguishers:



Fire Extinguisher


Red Label

Can be used on Wood, Paper, Textiles and Solids 


Fire Extinguisher


Blue Label

Can be used on Liquids and Electricals


Fire Extinguisher


Cream Label

Can be used on Liquids


Fire Extinguisher


Black Label

Can be used on Liquids and Electricals


Fire Extinguisher


Yellow Label

Can be used on Chemicals, Oils and Fats


Fire Extinguisher


Silver Label


Fire Marshal Training


Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, employers have a responsibility to provide staff information, fire safety instruction and training.


Send your staff on our fun and interactive Fire Marshal Training Course.

  • Use Fire Fighting Equipment to extinguish a fire
  • Enjoy an interactive, hands on and fun way of learning
  • Understand the common sense approach to reduce the
    impact of fire
  • Your list
  • Learn about your responsibilities
  • Certificate and information pack

Emergency Signage

Signs come in various shapes and sizes including flat and illuminated.


Below is just a selection of the most popular signs, but we supply a huge range.


Please contact for specific requests if you cannot see the sign you need below.

ID Sign

Assembly Point

Fire Exits