CCTV Remote Monitoring

Does your monitored CCTV system has its cameras isolated due to, lets say rabbits, blowing branches or direct sunlight?


Do you know that there is a solution that can keep your cameras fully operational and monitored? 

 Improved Security

 Retrofit to existing system

 No increase in monitoring charge

CCTV will only see and record activity.
Video Analytics detects and triggers actual events.


Why have Video Analytics?

  • Operates with existing CCTV – regardless of the quality of images so no need to upgrade
  • Classifies and differentiates between people, animals and vehicles – reducing the number of false alarms
  • Detects in poor light and weather
  • Ignores unwanted movement such as rubbish in a yard
  • Highlights cause of alarm – traceability of the movement
  • Separate rules in different areas at different times i.e movement is not allowed in this area after 4.30pm on Tuesdays

Are you getting disturbed by unnecessary activations?

Why chose Video Analytics

  • Improved security
  • No increase in monitoring charges
  • Reduction in call outs and extra charges
  • Increased detection rates
  • Reduction in unwanted and false alarms
  • Retrofit to existing systems
  • Greater functionality
  • Easy system changes
  • System Integrity
  • Less disruption
  • Latest Technology
  • Reliability
  • BS8418 Compatible


Our surveyor will carry out a professional site survey and will discuss the areas of the premises that need protection. There maybe further enhancements available as an extra solution such as ANPR, Facial Recognition, Analytics. A full onsite demo of the equipment can be done so the actual images the system will give can been seen.

The installation will be via a separate network which our engineers will setup on your behalf. All cameras will be installed as per the initial site survey along with our completed specification document. When the system is commissioned, full training will be given on how to use the software. This will include how to playback/remove footage from the Network Video Recorder (NVR) along with how to setup bespoke views for different users.

If the images need to be visible on employees smartphone/tablet, our engineer will connect into the onsite broadband via a static IP address and full training of the app will be given.


Various Applications and Uses


This system is flexible and versatile and can be used across as sectors and buildings.

Smart Track

Smart Track is our video analytics detection software platform and is the basis of all our systems. Smart track has embedded algorithms that can identify people or vehicles within the camera image. Other causes of activations such as animals can also be classified and identified or excluded as required. On activation the alarm can be transmitted to an operator with a clear highlight around the cause of the alarm

Smart Wire

Smart Wire video analytics allows the user to create any number of virtual lines anywhere on the scene. The line can be single or multiple direction and only alarms when the classified object (person, vehicle or other) has completely crossed the line. This can be used to identify vehicles travelling the wrong way or people moving towards a restricted area.

Smart Scene

Smart scene video analytics will identify and alarm when a classified object (person, vehicle or other) has remained within a scene for a given length of time. This means that people or vehicles travelling through a scene are ignored but if they become stationary within the scene an activation is created. Can be used for illegal parking or people loitering in critical areas.

Smart Watch

Smart Watch video analytics analyses the scene and recognises when an object has either been added or taken away from the scene. A box highlights the left or removed object. The activation is then stored locally and sent remotely.

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