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Detect and resolve a fault before it becomes an issue


Enhance your service contract with CCTV Healthcare

Traditional annual maintenance can leave your system vulnerable if an issue occurs between service visits or the system is not regularly viewed.


Typically, businesses rely on their staff to report any technical problems with their CCTV system. Unfortunately, this only comes to light when looking for footage on playback after a theft or attack.


CCTV Healthcare removes this problem by connecting remotely to your CCTV system. Every hour, CCTV Healthcare monitors and retrieves diagnostic and operational information, ensuring the system is fully functioning when you need it the most.


This information is automatically analysed and issues are reported to you.

Identify Faults

Camera Failure

Software Update

Solve Tampers

System Check
Connection Check 

Spot Vandalism

Image Integrity

Recording Check

Daily Status Reports


You can receive a Daily Status Report email which shows a ’snapshot’ status of all your sites in one email.

Live Status Web Page


You are provided with a web link to see the live status of your own sites on your phone, tablet, or browser.

So what are the benefits

  • Reduces security risk by ensuring your cameras are operational at all times
  • Works with all types of CCTV systems whether off site monitored or not
  • Reduces system downtime as issues are identified before them become an inconvenience
  • Works behind firewalls – no breach of your internal security measures
  • Alerted if cameras have been moved, tampered, out of focus
  • Issues detected automatically – responsive service

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