What is the reason for having a CCTV and recording images?


If you are placing cameras around the perimeter of your site to detect intruders the reason for having cameras should be justified. If you have installed cameras to monitor staff then it is not as straight forward – this is seen as an invasion of privacy. However, if you can prove the cameras and recordings are for H&S reasons this should be acceptable. You need to carry out a risk assessment itemising each camera, the intended viewing area and the reason for the camera. If Alert have installed the system for you, you will have part of this information on the As Fitted Specification and Design Plan.

Are you informing people that you are operating a CCTV system?

You need to advise people clearly of the reason why images are being collected. This is especially important if the purpose is not obvious. A sign(s) highlighting that CCTV is being used and the contact number for anyone wish to follow up is sufficient.

How long are you going to hold the images for?

It is generally about 30 days retention. If you feel you need to retain CCTV data for longer then your risk assessment should state how long and why.

Do you have an Access Request procedure?

Any person whose image is recorded on a CCTV system has a right to seek and be supplied with a copy of their own personal data from the footage. They must follow a procedure but are perfectly within their rights. If any other individuals are visible in the footage, their faces need to be blurred out.

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